Dorset, Islay,
Mosaics Willow


Nick Featherstone

                       Nick is my husband and he does all those jobs I just can't do!

Angus Fitchet

Angus is a multi-talented, artist specialising in photography, wood carving and other media. He also works from home, sharing housework and daughter with his wife.

Angus is working with me on Willow and grounds development projects in schools, bringing a different dimension to my ideas. 

Rick Saunders

Rick has been working with me for 5 years as a volunteer, because he is passionate about the environment and loves working with the children. Rick has infinate patience and like me is learning all the time. The children enjoy telling us something we don't know!


Bob Brown

Bob has lived in Dorset for over 40 years. He is a bird and wildlife expert and has an empathy with young people. Bob has worked as a volunteer for many years as youth worker,  in schools and with his wife, daughter and son, who are all teachers. I learn something every time I go for a walk with Bob and feel privileged to work with him. 

The young ones Katie, Jenny, Adam and Ben

Katie has been working in workshops with children since she was at Middle school.                        Ben starts planting the new pond                                                                                                                                                       Wild Art Club Pet Workshop Jenny shows the children her guinea pig, Squeak.                                                                                                           

Adam shows his  tortiose, Dennis


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